90 Days Lifestyle Program: For a mentally and physically balanced lifestyle!

You can eat yourself healthy, energetic and at your ideal weight and also keep yourself healthy again. Everyone is different and unique, so it makes sense that everyone responds to nutrition in a different way. External factors also have an influence on this.

Keeping your resistance in top condition must be priority number 1 for every human being. Your resistance is the one that protects your body from illnesses. Also, welfare diseases such as cancer, diabetes, eczema, asthma…. Mentally and physically you best perform when your body is fed with the power supplies it needs every day to produce healthy cells.

How does it work

Intake Nutrition Consult:
During this interview we will be voting on what, how and how your trajectory will look.

I'll make a life plan for you and we'll start your 90 days program together.

Nutrition Consult €60.00 ca. 60 Minutes,
Short power supply Consult €40.00 ca. 30 minutes. (Only possible in Veenendaal)

Do you have questions or want to make an appointment… Contact me via this form or send me an email to info@medium-veenendaal.nl

The address Veenendaal (by appointment only!);
Sandy Street 62

The address Arnhem (only 60 minutes of consultations and by appointment!);
Meander 901
6825MH Abd